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MSM AC maintenance blog picture May 2017

The Importance of Annual AC System Maintenance

Don't get stuck in the heat! Get professional air conditioning maintenance and service from your local trusted HVAC contractor.

The summer season is quickly approaching, and so are the warmest temperatures of the year. Before the heat index hits an all-time high, your central air conditioning system needs to be ready to handle the demands of the sizzling days ahead. Whether your system is a recent install or has been around for years, air conditioners should be serviced annually in order to function effectively and efficiently.

Think Spring for Service

Your air conditioner runs best when serviced annually each spring before the warm weather settles in. By tuning up your air conditioner in the spring, you are laying the groundwork for your system to run at peak performance before those persistent, hot summer days arrive.

What’s Involved in an Annual AC Maintenance Check?

During an annual AC maintenance appointment, the technician will examine your entire system. Some of the specific tasks include:

  • Cleaning the coils
  • Checking the compressor and outdoor fan motor
  • Ensuring the belts are tight and properly adjusted
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Checking the thermostats and sensors
  • Checking the ductwork for air leaks and damage
  • Checking the electrical connections

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

All major equipment needs routine maintenance to be reliable and operate at optimal performance. There are many benefits to servicing your AC system each spring: 

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

Clean parts enable your system to run more efficiently. By keeping coils and components clean, your AC unit doesn’t need as much energy to generate cool air.

  • Reduces Costly Repairs

Cleaning and maintenance can prevent small concerns from becoming larger and more costly problems. During a maintenance inspection, the technician will check for damaged parts. If a problem is revealed, you can implement a repair plan at that time so as to prevent further damage and avoid a costly emergency service call later.

  • Extends Equipment Functionality

Utilizing a pre-season maintenance program can extend the life of your AC equipment. By getting your air conditioner tuned up regularly and addressing any potential problems immediately, you can extend the overall life of your system and help your AC operate at its full potential.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

As you use your air conditioning system over the season, dirt collects inside the unit and can be released inside your home, causing poor indoor air quality. Ask your technician about our coil cleaning service, which cleans out debris so particulates do not pollute your indoor air.

  • Supports Manufacturer’s Warranties

To extend the longevity of your AC system, some manufacturers detail specific requirements, such as regular service maintenance of the AC unit, within their warranties. Such annual maintenance ensures that your equipment warranties remain intact.

  • Air Conditioning Service in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Preventative maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is running at peak performance while keeping you cool and comfortable during the time when you need it most. To get your AC summer-ready, contact the skilled technicians at Main Stream Mechanical to schedule your air conditioner service. Schedule your appointment by June 15, 2017, and receive $25 off your service.

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